Having the great fortune of working with Angela in private classes has been nothing short of powerful. She has taken me from being completely green to feeling comfortable and confident in strength and technique.Over the course of our classes, a relationship developed between myself and the yoga practice: I’m hooked!

Heidi, Client

I’ve taken many classes with Angela, she’s caring, shares great tunes and leads an awesome yoga class. Her care for her students is obvious with gentle corrections and encouragement. The temple massage at Savasana is just sublime. She’s great for the beginner to someone who’s been practicing for years. Her classes definitely hold a place on my schedule!

Becky, Client

I immediately felt the warmth and connection of Angela’s spirit. She has the rare quality of navigating physical and mental awareness throughout her class. She will guide your practice, with subtle reminders of your intention and positioning. The mood is always set when you walk into class; from the calming scent of sage; to the enlightened musical choices; her calming energy supports lasting growth. Angela will give you a complete mind and body experience.

Jeff, Client

I really, really love her flow, and focus on core, Her classes are a good workout while also a yoga class! Angela specifically models her classes on what she thinks people need from the practice. Each class is unique design.

Liz, Client

I first started yoga last August and I didn’t even know what a child’s pose was. The only yoga teacher I go to is Angela I try to go every Monday and Wednesday. Angela’s yoga class is very spiritual ,I love the quotes that she reads too. She describes what position you’re supposed to be in so perfectly even I understand. She has the best playlist ,always. And her essential oils at the end of class that she rubs on your shoulders and back are so relaxing. I always feel better after going to her class! Angela you rock!!!

Julie, Client

Angela is a remarkable yoga instructor. She brings with her a calming yet playful energy that makes it relaxing and fun to practice with her. One of her strengths is her attentiveness to how her students are feeling, not just in the body but in their spirit. Every class I’ve taken, I leave feeling positive, whether because of joy or laughter or just a pervasive, soothing sense of peace. I feel lucky to have her leading us.

Gegg, Client

As a student attending a class with Angela, I know that I will be challenged, and will learn something new. I enjoy the smoothness and cleverness of her sequences, and how she always incorporates core work so creatively into each class. I LOVE her taste in music for classes, and the quotes and readings she includes are always fresh, new, and exactly what I need to hear. She is also so sweet, and has a very inviting personality that everyone must feel welcome to her classes. I think everyone should check out her class!

Candace, Client

If you want to take your yoga practice to the next level you need to take a private with Angela. She is a knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated yoga instructor. Her understanding of alignment, classical yoga philosophy, and prana make her a formidable teacher. Her classes are energetic & thought provoking. You are sure to get sweaty and try something new when you’re working with Angela. She is always tweaking her sequences to keep things interesting and advance the practice of her students. I am lucky to have her as one of my teachers.

Awilda, Client