Angela is a teacher that believes in authenticity. To be truly authentic requires vulnerability, transparency and integrity. All things she stands firm in and brings to the practice space. She wants to offer her students the deepest teachings/philosophy with clarity, simplicity, and honesty. What she brings to the “classroom” is a place to observe, witness and be… She is not the teacher who is interested in giving you a “workout”.

What she is interested in is creating a space where you can truly pay attention to what you are doing as you are doing it. In order to offer that clarity we must slow down. Her aim is to give you the tools to connect with the true essence of {{YOGA}}. What to expect in a class with Angela is to be challenged mentally and physically in a simplistic manner. She also loves to interweave a bit of mysticism into her classes/offerings.

Angela’s yoga journey began in 2000 when her mother handed her a book called Yoga For Stress Relief. She lightly read it and then put it down. Fast-forward seven years. Angela decided this was the year she would start practicing yoga! She found a studio two blocks from her then home, in Cabbagtown, Atlanta. Once she stepped on the mat, she was hooked! Angela is trained and teaches in Atlanta, GA.

Angela is a 200 hour trained yoga instructor, she is trained to teach Yoga Nidra by Nick Atlas and she is also a certified Holistic Health Coach. She continues to educate herself through a mentorship with Alexandria Crow, online immersions with Alanna Kaivalya as well as local workshops, immersions, trainings and self study. Angela owns her own business in Atlanta – Atlanta Yoga Instructors

She is also a full-time mama to her busy 4 year old daughter Harlow and her baby boy Gray – they are her sun + moon.

Harlow has shifted Angela’s world immensely which has inspired her to change and grow so much. Follow Angela on social media @sacredhavenformamas where she shares all things mom life, yoga and mindful living.