your Monthly invite back to yourself.


A Monthly Intentional Experience

  • Are you a mother or other that is burned out?
  • Looking for something to grab your inspiration and add wellness to your routine?
  • Are you looking to add intention back into your day?
  • Are you needing a container to explore yourSelf?
  • Are you looking to be held accountable for your own care without feeling overwhelmed or just another thing to check off the list?
  • Are you needing to connect with like-minded beings?

If you said “yes” to any of the above I have an opportunity for you to take a journey back Home to yourSelf.


What is included:

  • Weekly 60 min virtual Yoga meetups aka Sunday Sessions – every Sunday morning (will include a monthly playlist)
  • Monthly intentional custom essential oil blend mailed direct to you
  • Monthly Love Letter including the intention of that month + filled with other goodies
  • Join like minded beings on the private Facebook group
  • 10% off any of my events
  • Bonus goodies, i.e. guest speakers, samples, etc.

Investment In You – $111

Are you interested more in just diving into the virtual Yoga portion? No worries, you can do a drop in to any of the Yoga Sunday Sessions for $11!


Adding your own accessible nourishment back into your universe.

Grab your sacred spot today.