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Sacred Sunday Series
Nidra Nights in August
Join Angela each Sunday in August for a sleepy Summertime twilight series. We will meet virtually each Sunday evening. In this series we will learn to rest and recharge the body, mind and spirit via Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a wonderful practice for deep meditative self-inquiry, guided relaxation and transformative dreamwork. Yoga Nidra is often referred to as “dynamic sleep” however, even though we have a sense of falling asleep and the body becoming very relaxed, the mind remains awake and listening. Evidence-based research has shown that Yoga Nidra can have a positive impact on treating anxiety, hypertension and depression.
We will also learn to create a sacred space for our practice (or any ritual practice) along with diving into the meat of Yoga Nidra and setting a focus on the Koshas for each session. The Koshas aka “sheaths” or “layers” are fundamental, designed to guide awareness to each kosha in an effort to awaken, synthesize, deeply embody and connect to the true Self aka the “Atman”.
Sundays in August 730-815pm
$5 for the full series or $15 drop in
It is encouraged to explore the full five sessions or you are welcome to choose to drop in for an evening (or two)!
Sunday 8.2.20 Annamaya / Physical body
Sunday 8.9.20 Pranamaya / Energy Body
Sunday 8.16.20 Manomaya / Mental Body
Sunday 8.23.20 Vijnanamaya / Wisdom Body
Sunday 8.30.20 Anandamaya / Bliss Body
Quiet space
All the props to create a cozy cocoon (blankets, bloster, pillow/s, etc)
Incense (sage, palo santo, dried lavender, incense stick)
A Candle
A journal (optional, if you would like to write about your experience after class)
Sacred trinket (crystal, tarot card, mala beads, statue, etc)